The Antagonist Archetypes

The Antagonist Archetypes are those players that try to prevent the Protagonists actions. They also make them re-evaluate the situations.


The Source of Trouble

The Antagonist is that figure that the Antagonist represents the desire to let the problem grow; the source of the problem that needs to be solved by the Protagonist after the Point of Attack.

Antagonists usually carry 2 main dramatic functions to the player(s) it influences:

Avoidance and Reconsider

His job, after creating the problem, is preventing its solution.

If the Antagonist decides to let the problem be solved, the story will end too early.


In other words:

The story only evolves because the Antagonist keeps trying to prevent the solution of the Problem.



Famous Antagonists

Protagonist Story
Emperor or Empire Star Wars
The Wicked Witch Wizard of Oz
Voldemort most Harry Potter inner plots
Medieval Catholic Church The Name of the Rose
Renee Belocq Raiders of the Lost Ark
James Bond Bond stories
Scar The Lion King
Malificent Sleeping Beauty


The Archetypal Antagonist is diametrically opposed to the Protagonist’s successful attainment of the goal. Often this results in a Protagonist who has a purpose and an Antagonist comes along and tries to stop it. Sometimes, however, it is the

Sometimes, however, it is the other way around. The Antagonist may have a goal of its own that causes negative repercussions. The Protagonist then has the goal of stopping the Antagonist. For purposes of establishing a consistent way to analyze how all Archetypal Characters relate to the goal of any story, Dramatica defines the Protagonist’s goal as the story’s goa;, regardless of which kind it is.


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