Section 07 – Test by Antagonist

Section 07

Test by Antagonist

Story Creation Step 7 continues the testing period begun in Step 6. The Hero is now, however, facing a number of challenges and difficulties coming directly from the Antagonist, while the Antagonist’s friends are largely in the background. For Coming of Age stories, these tests will have a rite-of-passage nature to them, and may be physical, mental or emotional.

The Hero’s Learning Process Continues
As in Step 6, the Hero is still being tested, by whatever means. Through the tests, the Hero continues a very gradual and subtle learning process, a process that will lead to a major change or discovery later in the story.

EXAMPLES* Leo, in The Go-Between, finds out that Marian is engaged to Hugh, whom he admires and looks up to. This troubles and greatly upsets him and he decides to refuse to carry any more messages for the lovers.
* In Star Wars, Luke, with his Ally Hans Solo, faces various challenges directly from Darth Vader (the Antagonist) as well as from his Helpers.

The scenes in this Step should take up about 11 percent of your story.

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