Section 04 – Edge of Adventure

Section 04

Edge of Adventure


Story-Creation Step 4 is the Step at which the Hero’s ‘journey’ is about to begin. The Hero is at the brink of the adventure, the edge of the Extraordinary World. This World is, of course, the Adult World, and the Hero’s Antagonist, still to appear, is part of this World. This Step includes some event, planning, preparation or other experience that sets up the first major turning point of the story (to come at the next Step).


The scenes in this Step should take up about 10 percent of your story.



  • Star Wars: Obi-Wan tells Luke about his father being a Jedi Knight and invites him to help the rebellion.
  • Harry Potter 1: The first visit to Diagon Alley


* In The Go-Between, Leo and his mother prepare for his visit to Brandham Hall. As they buy summer clothes, he starts to dread the visit rather than long for it, and even tries to back out.
* In Great Expectations, Pip sets off for London to be trained to be a gentleman.


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