Section 03 – Mentor

Section 03




In Plot stories, this entire Step is the Hero’s meeting with a Mentor figure, who will help the Hero in the tribulations to come. The Mentor will probably just give advice and moral support to the Hero rather than physically accompany the Hero throughout each stage of the journey. Remember, all stories are journeys or adventures, broadly speaking. A story can be a literal, physical adventure, or it can, for instance, be a spiritual, psychological one, as in the case of Coming of Age.



The scenes in this Step should take up about five percent of your story.



  • Star Wars: Luke meets Obi-Wan.
  • Harry Potter 1: Harry meets Hagrid (help) that mentions Dumbledore, to whom Harry will gradually gets acquainted in the first books. Dumbledore is also hidden in the letters chapter.

* Leo’s Mentor in The Go-Between turns out to be Hugh, the viscount engaged to Marian. We learn early on that Leo’s own father, who educated his son himself, has died, and so Leo looks to Hugh as a medium for understanding the world.
* In To Kill A Mockingbird, Scout Finch turns to her older, wiser and stronger brother Jem, who keeps a close eye on her throughout the book.


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