Section 12 – Return Home

Section 12

Return Home


The final Story Creation Step, Step 12, is composed of two main parts:
1) Final Analysis of Conflict
The final conflict is resolved – which takes up most of this Step.
2) Restoration of Balance/Return to the Ordinary World
The Hero physically returns to the Ordinary World after the final resolution. However, this Ordinary World is a completely different one, as the Hero has left childhood behind and become an adult.

Endings: Happy or Tragic
A plot-driven Coming of Age story will always have a happy ending, and this is primarily where the Category of your story is made clear.

* In The Go-Between, Leo, having seen Marian and Ted in bed together and understood the full implication of what has happened to that point, enters the Adult World. Ted shoots himself, and Marian marries the viscount Hugh, so re-establishing ‘proper’ social order.

The scenes in this Step should take up about five percent of your story.

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