Section 02 – The Trigger

Section 03 – The Trigger

Story Creation Step 2 should focus on Point of Attack, where the Hero is presented to the ‘Extraordinary World’, and Initial Doubtful Reaction.
1) Point of Attack
The Hero is presented directly with the ‘Extraordinary World’. In theatre terms, this Step is sometimes referred to as the ‘Point of Attack’ (or ‘P.O.A.). Something from the Extraordinary World (usually the World of the Antagonist, and in this case the adult world) is witnessed or experienced by the Hero that is a kind of challenge, or call to adventure. Keep in mind that there are a number of ways in which the Extraordinary World might be presented to the Hero. It may come in a new activity, something that causes a change in the Hero’s ordinary condition, some significant gain or loss in the Hero’s life and so on. Whatever it is, it will be a dramatic jolt to his or her childlike state, and will initiate the transformation into adulthood.

2) Initial Reaction and Response.

Initial Reaction and Subsequent Response to Point of AttackIn almost all Plot Category stories the Hero willingly accepts the call to adventure with little if any hesitation.

There may however be a short scene where the Hero is reluctant to become involved, and something or someone must persuade them otherwise.

“But I’m Harry. Just Harry!”


Examples of Point of Attack and Reaction/Response
* Leo, in The Go-Between, is invited to spend some of the summer holidays with a classmate, the aristocratic Marcus. Leo is overjoyed at the invitation, dismissing his mother’s fears that he will be homesick.
* In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, Hagrid finally knocks on Harry Potter’s door to deliver his letter of admissions to Hogwarts school. He tells Harry the truth about his parents being wizards and being killed by Voldemort. Harry sees his chance to escape the Dursleys and seizes on it.

TIMELINEThe scenes in this Step should take up about six percent of your story.



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