3 Parallel Saga Environments

The Saga Environments are divided among three major realms. Current Real Life, The Parallel Zone, and Historic Past. Each of them functions differently for the different plots.

3 Parallel Saga Environments

The idea for the whole saga is to have the main characters dealing with three different Saga Environments.

The Current Real Life is the world in which the reader supposedly lives.

The Parallel Zone is the place where we all go when we are sleeping and, for the characters is where they will start “working” as some sort of time Knights, or the Times Snappers.

The Historic Past is the realm to which those “time travelers” go abduct people’s body to use as videogame avatars and help solve problems that will affect the future.

They are three different dimensions where our heroes will live their adventures along over 2000 years in history


Current Real Life has:
  • Ordinary World = Life before moving to the Institute
  • Extraordinary Worlds
    • The Waltwells Institute of Creative Solutions (saga plot)
      • The Parallel Zone (books plots)

The time is somewhere between the years 2000 and 2016 (lots of exposure related to the populist governments of South America)


The Parallel Zone has:
  • Ordinary World = Time Control Agency (in the Parallel Zone) (books plots)
  • Extra Ordinary Worlds 
    • Historic Past (missions to correct the timeline)
      • have their inner plot line.


Historic Pasts have:
  • Ordinary World = Arriving point where the protagonist (from the past) lives
  • Extra Ordinary World = When the Guardian (PZ protagonist) tells him what they need to do.


Current Real Life


before the saga-trigger

San Antonio Abbey


after the saga-trigger

The Waltwells Institute of Creative Solutions


Volcano Island

Somewhere between the Parque Nacional do Cabo Orange, Oiapoque, Brazil, and Venezuela. (I’m imagining this near the beach so I need to match a sub-plot with surfing involved)


Volcano City

Volcano City is a modern Social Democracy. It is an Anglo-Saxon-Germanic state-city that exports volcanic rock, and high-tech silicon components. Also, the place is also the haven for geeky nerds. The state-city contrasts directly with the populist ruled countries of South America.

Furthermore, Volcano City has about 100,000 inhabitants and is a seashore port by an old inactive volcano that is always hidden under heavy cumulus clouds.

The volcano is the hiding place for the secret section of the Institute, which has its front on right on the mount’s outer side. The school facade looks just like any common America High School.


The Parallel Zone


The Polisphere – It’s the Parallel Zone “City”

Time Control Agency – This is where Peter will “work” as a Time Snapper.



Historic Past


  1. Antiquity
  2. Roman Judea
  3. Decaying Rome and Revolutionary Britain
  4. Charlemagne Middle Ages
  5. Crusades
  6. Renascence
  7. Musketeers Time
  8. Pirates, Buccaneers, and Privateers
  9. Enlightenment
  10. Industry
  11. World Wars
  12. 21st Century – The Internet Wars


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