Saga Brainstorm

This Saga Brainstorm Page will be used to throw in  the ideas that I really think will help develop the overall saga storyline.


The timeline saga follows a sequence of 12 books starting in Antiquity and ending during World War II.

Each book, in general, will represent, each of the 12 Step of Joseph Campbell’s “The Heroe’s Journey” (Voegler’s sequence, even), narrative model.

1 – Presentation

2 – Point of Attack (something happens)

3 – Heroe Meets Mentor

4 – Heroe at the Verge of Adventure

5 – Heroe enters the Extra-Ordinary World

6 – First test (Contagonist, antagonist helper)

7 – Second test (Antagonist)

8 – Great Set back

9 – Something or some idea helps heroe.

10 – Preparation for Climax

11- Climax

12 – Heroe goes back to modified Ordinary World

Each book representes roughly that model in the overall saga, but also are planned to use that same model internaly.

Note that all books will cary a sub-plot that is part  one large story.