Peter Stone – Time Snapper 1 Protagonist

Peter Stone Book Cover Peter Stone
A good-hearted 8 y.o. boy, lives in an abbey in France. Besides his books, life isn't so good to him as the abbot uses the boy as a personal servant.
This character will follow and epic coming of age journey that will change his life after he moves to Waltwells Institute , Academy for the Creative and Gifted Minds
Main Character (we share his impressions of the story)
Peter is the sole player for this archetype in this book.
He is also Uncle Bob's protector/guardian and sidekick regarding his drinking sub-plot.

This is the page for the Peter Stone – Time Snapper 1 Protagonist. Add comments at the bottom to help us build characters and plot. Peter is the MAIN CHARACTER for this book.


If you arrived at this page, you may take a peek and leave your opinion about the protagonist archetype for this book and the proper allocation of its functions.

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