Panoramus Bracelet- Time Snapper 1 – General Information

The Panoramus Bracelet - Time Snapper 1 - General Information
General Description
Pete Stone: a new student in the School for the ExtraOrdinary | Past Hero
Adefa Morgetto and the Black Mud Guild | covert BMG | BMG
coach/dean Gardener | Dude | Pete Stone
Colon Gould | Sepas Vereno | Shadows
Uncle Bob, Suzy Reidt | Suzana | Suzana
monsignor Duval Contreras | master Sepas Vereno | (Past Locals)

While attempting to apply to the Orwells Institute for the Gifted Minds, Peter starts having strange dreams that he can't figure out. Something about ancient times.

Uncle Bob tries to help him get into the new school, but Monsignor Duval Contreras has other plans for  the boy.

The Panoramus Bracelet
– Time Snapper 1
– General Information

This first book will present the saga. At 10, Pete Stone starts having strange dreams every night; Hints about what his life will turn into.


Main Plot – Coming of Age Secondary Plot
protagonist Peter StonePete Stone Past Hero
antagonist Adefa Morgetto The Black Mud Guild
guardian coach/dean Gardener, Dude Pete Stone
contagonist Colon Gould | Coral Crotaline Shadows
sidekick Uncle Bob, Suzy Reidt | Suzana Suzana
skeptic Duval Contreras | Sepas Vereno (Past Locals)
reason  Rita Avinesh Rita
emotion  Emory Baubo Emory
ordinary world  Parish | Zone Dreams Past Dreams
trigger (poa) Uncle Bob tells Pete that his parents wanted him to go to The Orwells School when he turned 10 years old. Because of his family’s history in the school, they will accept him if he studies the unorthodox subjects and passes the application exams. The only problem is that monsignor Duval doesn’t want him to leave his domains.

Peter dreams about a quest in past.

(His crew must save Socrates’ life)

action evolution

Peter tries to adapt to the new school curriculum.


In his dreams:
  • Pete needs to find a Panoramus’ bracelet.
  • foggy starship where he is constantly briefed about that.


set back

Duval steals Petes application


Panoramus dies (or forgets) and the dreams become nightmares.
good news point  In a hypnosis session, Pete discovers a possible connection between the new school and his dreams. He also finds the place where Duval threw out his application. Finds “Key” to Bracelet
 Uncle Bob and Pete raid for the application Preparing Potion for Bracelet
climax Peter fights his way to deliver the application. Hero faces Akronos with help of Pete and Squad and prevents him from killing Socrates before the trial.
ordinary world
 Pete feels good about the new school and friends and suspects that there is more to his dreams than it looks like. In the Paralell Zone mists, a high positioned shadow explains why Socrates had and wanted to die after condemned in the trial

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