Fictional Universe of Time Snapper

This the page where we will be adding ideas for the fictional universe of time snapper. Mainly: School, Parallel Dimension, and Time Windows.

“A fictional universe is a self-consistent fictional setting with events, and often elements, that differ from the real world. It may also be called an imagined, constructed or fictional realm (or world). Fictional universes may appear in novels, comics, films, television shows, video games and other creative works.
A fictional universe can be almost indistinguishable from the real world, except for the presence of the invented characters and events that characterize a work of fiction; at the other extreme it can bear little or no resemblance to reality, with invented fundamental principles of space and time.”
Wikipedia contributors. “Fictional universe.” Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 30 Jul. 2016. Web. 28 Aug. 2016.


The School

The Special Institute for Extraordinary Students, SIES, is the Extra-Ordinary World for our common lives.


Time Snappers

A Time Snapper is a rare kind of angel/spirit that has the ability to travel through time to fix timeline detours. He  is the leader of a patrol of aides, but they cannot travel to time as he does. So he needs to find the people that incarnate their spirits before starting his missions.  (first series of quick tests in each book)

One other aspect is that he cannot remember his sub-conscient, but has atavic memories of his knowledge about his Central Time Frame.


Central Time Frame

Every 10.000.000 cycles a spirit dies and is reborn in a new planet where he will live many succeeding lives. As cycles progress the spirit ages until a new period starts again. The Central Time Frame is the actual spiritual time of each individual. A Time Snapper can go back (and forth) in time, but when they are in the Parallel Zone they are in the Central Time frame.

The Central Time Frame has a corresponding Present Time in the individual’s Origin Planet


The Parallel Zone

This one is the Extra-Ordinary World for SIES


The Time Windows

This one is the Extra-Ordinary World while players are doing missions


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