Emotion Archetype in a Plot

The emotion archetype in a plot has the dramatic function of helping the story move by enhancing Feeling and lack of Controll. Take a look!


The character(s) that will wear these functions usually has the following features:

  • passionate reactions
  • doesn’t measure consequences
  • doesn’t plan much
  • “screamer”
  • “big dumb ox”
  • doesn’t have to be stupid.
  • represents feeling and frenzy
  • deep feelings
  • unable to focus usefully
  • goes off the deep end
  • thrash out aimlessly
  • his attitudes are harmful.
  • dramatic “Trojan horse”

famous Emotion Archetypes:

Chewie (Star Wars)

Ron Weasley, Hagrid (sometimes), Hermione Granger (sometimes) (Harry Potter)

Marion Ravenwood (Riders of the Lost Ark)


Wizard of Oz
Emotion Archetype
Tin Man Scarecrow
feeling uncontroled


Emotion Archetype
Quint Hooper
feeling uncontroled

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