Creating a Young Protagonist

We will be creating a young Protagonist for this saga. He (or she) will also be a Main Character. Therefore, according to the Dramatica Theory, when the protagonist and the main character are one, we have the Hero Character.

Peter Stone portrait_DAP_Gogh2HD (Custom)

In our specific case,

a Young Hero.

I have written a bit about this character already. To me, he is still a teenage boy in his pre-teens, probably inspired by Harry Potter admiration. I have been inclined to changing that to a female character, tho. One of the many reason is that I find girls a bit more mature than boys. On the other hand, most of the books will have a lot of sequences in the past, where girls has very little chance to be safe, if not at home with her parents.

So, lets think about it, ok?

Let’s just say he is a boy for now.

What’s the treat with him?

Peter is a teenager who is having these strange dreams about a strange CIA-like department in a city underwater. He also dreams about people he doesnt know from antiquity.

On another dimension, a young lad with his characteristics is summoned and promoted to become a Time Snapper.

His job? To travel through time and incarnate, temporarily stealing, peoples bodies to fight against The Pentagram Order.

His only problem is that when he incarnates, he can’t remember almost anything about his mission and only has a very crude device to lead him the way.

So, what would you have to say about his treats? Do you like the picture above. What would you add to his apearence? What about his personality? Does he have any identifying body mark?* How does he generally move or walk? What are his personal goals in both his everyday common lives? (here and at the Parallel Zone)

  • Blonde, or fair haired
  • Purple eyes
  • likes to study
  • (to be completed)


== be alert, we are not trying to write the storyline here, just find out who he is. Some story line ideas inevitably will pop up here. Don’t refrain from pointing them out too. I’ll move them to the right section of the blog. ==


*I have always thought of exquisite purple eyes.

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