Collaboration for Books – a Myth?

Is collaboration for books an unachievable myth? Many think not and, yet, many feel sceptic.

This website is a new venture in the journey for book collaboration. In the following months we will be compiling with my new friends in here, documentation for the first novel of a 12 book saga entitled:

“Time Snapper”

stories about a time traveller and his quests through time to maintain Universal Balance.

collaboration for books
Anatolia champion climax

First tale will have the sub-title: “The Parallel Zone”.

We hope you will be our collaborator in the next few months, and maybe, even, years. Your help is very important.

If you are interested, please register, so we can exchange some information in order to make you an official collaborator.

As you will blogging is also new adventure for me. I will need all the help I can get

Thanks very much for your attention and I hope to see you again soon.

CJ Netto Jr

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